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Homer Todiwala is a British Indian actor and voice artist with a background in TV and film. He has appeared in many productions, films, TV shows, as well as commercials, animations, video games,

and audiobooks.

Homer brings all characters to life with depth & authenticity, and has a particular talent for accents and dialects which is represented within his National Book of The Year Nomination for Best Non-Fiction Audiobook 2022 & Audie Finalist Award 2023.

Professionally working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, he has built an impressive body of work that highlights

his dedication to making his dreams a reality.

Homer believes that every voice and perspective has value, and is dedicated to using his rich and resonant voice to help amplify an underrepresented culture and create a more inclusive and aware industry for all.

Whether he's in the recording studio or exploring the wonders of life, Homer is always striving to bring his best work

to every project he takes on.

With his passion, talent and dedication, he is sure to continue making

a positive impact in the world of entertainment.

Homer Todiwala Actor Voice Artist
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